The Sales Conference 2022: Social Selling – From Billboard to online personality

Motivation and inspiration to integrate social selling activities professionally into the sales process

Social Selling relates to a lot of myth and legends. This inspiration nugget provides facts and motivates to integrate social selling activities into the sales process. In addition, it will provide inspirations to unleash the potential from these activities to break away from competition.
There is a lot of untapped potential in creating the individual LinkedIn profile that salespeople can use to support their positioning and deliver value for their customers. This presentation will offer pragmatic hints to build a value-oriented and customer-centric profile. At the same time, one will get recommendations to establish a daily routine that does not need much time investment and helps to take the social selling activities to the next level.

The Sales Conference 2022 Breakout Session by:
Marcus Redemann
Management Partner – Mercuri International Deutschland GmbH