The Sales Conference 2022: How to achieve excellence in sales

With sales excellence initiatives, you can support your sales force in consistently implementing your corporate and sales strategies. Identify performance reserves of your team and use them sustainably. Professionalize your sales organization systematically, lead your company to greater profitability and achieve significant increases in sales and earnings.

Companies strive for excellence in sales to achieve sustainable, profitable growth. At the same time, the complexity of internal and external processes and framework conditions in which your sales team must operate and achieve outstanding performance is increasing. If you want to stay ahead of your competitors and set the benchmark for your own industry, you need to subject your sales organization to a continuous optimization process – and manage this process well. Isolated measures to optimize sales performance are not enough to achieve this. Instead, you should choose a holistic approach that takes into account and summarizes all relevant aspects in your individual program for sales excellence.
In this breakout session you will be provided with beneficial and valuable insights about logics in sales, the 8 building blocks for sales excellence and a short deep dive in the correlation of the customer buying logic and the matching sales processes.

The Sales Conference 2022
Breakout Session by:
Michael Herrmann
Management Partner – Mercuri International Deutschland GmbH