The Sales Conference 2022: Enforcing Prices in economically challenging times

Thought for Managers who face the challenge of selling increased prices, this webinar will give them ideas needed to manage the communication with customers.

Managers are discussing about supply bottlenecks, disruption of supply chains, increased logistics, freight and production and procurement costs and the associated inflation. Perhaps it seems easy to reflexively increase prices in this context…..

  • 1. But how should the sales force negotiate and communicate with customers, how will future developments be taken into account?
  • 2. How do you communicate the increase, generally with the dilemma described above, or in detail with facts and commodity indices, whereby the calculation of developments based on different indices in previous negotiations has always been the domain of purchasing?
  • 3. How are security of supply and default risks managed?
  • 4. Can it only be left to the intuition and experience of the sales reps to find individual solutions and answers?

Answers to these questions combined with practical tips can be found here.

The Sales Conference 2022 Breakout Session by:
Dr. Matthias Huckemann
Managing Director Mercuri International Deutschland GmbH